Hi! I'm Petra, a game developer and programmer currently pursuing a degree in computer science. Nice to meet'cha!

I've been fascinated by the design of video games since I played Super Mario Galaxy in 2008, and always wanted to build imaginary worlds like that myself. As a tiny child with no internet access, I had to draw a bunch of my own silly ideas on pencil and paper back then.

Years later, my parents downloaded a little educational program called Scratch for me, and I finally got to dip my toes into game development. It took me some time to wrap my head around it, but after enough practice, I was falling in love. I spent hours every day working on my own little projects, recreating games I liked and putting together brand new ones.

However, as great of a learning tool Scratch is, the platform was very limited, and I began looking into other ways to make my "dream game". I started working with proper scripting languages, and just kept going from there.

I've continued to grow my skillset since then, and I'm learning and improving every single day. I found the Celeste Classic community in 2019, and have since released several mods of the game to practice level design and share something fun with my friends.

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